Answering What Product to Use When

I’ve been asked a seemingly simple but way more complex question several times this week.  The what to use when scenario in Office 365.   Many of the platforms blend together, platform consumers find themselves taking shots at something that might work and in many cases get lost and do nothing instead for fear of doing the wrong thing.   The do nothing, of course, kills adoption and can wreak a deployment.

Thankfully, a great site has been put together to explain some of this Link Here.   If you had a chance to go see Kanwal Khipple at Ignite, you got some great insight into this problem and how to handle it.   If you didn’t, follow the link above, and request the white paper – it is 100% worth your time.

If you’re not feeling up to it though, here’s a very short summary snapshot.



(August 2015 Update) – I’ve simplified and added Sway, Atlasssian Confluence, Jira, and Inside Gogo (consider it a company blog).  Sadly, I didn’t add PowerBI for reporting dashboards, but the Office 365 portal offerings keep updating, so I’ll keep revisiting this as well.


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