LightSprocket works with companies to create, review, update and provide additional guidance for company IT policies and their associated procedures. IT Policies are a critical part of your organization. They provide the rules for working with technology, the security requirements and drive how employees interact with systems successfully. Standards are the meat of the policy, for instance passwords shall be 12 characters consisting of at least 3 of the four

Independent, 3rd party security assessments are integral to understanding and validating your Microsoft Office365 security posture. These assessments may be required to prepare for a larger compliance audit, as a ‘C’ level request to validate overall IT systems health or as a baseline to see whats next. While the assessment itself will likely reveal critical insights and yet another task list for the IT team to resolve, we can help.

Adding a Emoji to a Microsoft teams channel is super easy to do and helps highlight that channel’s purpose, making it stand out from the rest. Let’s demo how to do this First, Lets get an emoji into the copy / paste buffer. I use to find my emoji and then click copy to have it ready to go. Second, Create or edit a channel name. If you're adding

Disclosure- We at Lightsprocket 100% believe in the responsible disclosure of what we consider to be vulnerabilities or security flaws. As such, this article was disclosed to Microsoft as VULN-041203 and Microsoft was given opportunity to respond before we posted this article. During a recent engagement we worked through a phishing investigation. The question that was asked – How was a customer getting obviously positive phishing emails delivered directly to

I’ve seen a few times, where someone needs a new username in office365. Sometimes it happens from the Service Desk doing a typo in a user account creation and it syncs up to AzureAD from onpremise AD and sometimes its because of a relationship change. Now, if you’re syncing from AzureAD you’ll see when you click Manage Username, a warning that this change must happen from Onpremise AD because it’s

Flipping gears a bit, I picked up some work over the holidays and moved work into Azure DevOps. Coming from Jira, I have plenty of knowledge on how to create Change requests and setup a proper Change Advisory Board (CAB) for approvals. What I really wanted to do was modernize the process that the company was using and make it simple for developers and IT operations teams members to comply

If you’re suffering like I am some days, every once in a while Word Press doesn’t like things. One of the first issues we typically encounter with GoDaddy is wordpress just not sending mail. This can be a super easy fix, and in our case, usually in cPanel we can change email routing to be set to “remote mail exchanger”. Now, even with that set, you will typically deliver email

Nov 2020

site refresh

Hard to believe its been over 5 years since we launched the LightSprocket site. Today, we’re deep in refresh mode. It’s actually a pretty exciting time for us as well. It’s not often that we get to slow down and think about our brand and image. This refresh has given us an opportunity to reflect back at what we’ve accomplished over the past 5 years and where we are headed

Ever need a quick randomly generated password? Here’s a quick bit of code for that.   $RandomCharacters = ]"abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyzABCEFGHJKLMNPQRSTUVWXYZ23456789!#%&/()=?" $RandomPW = ($RandomCharacters | Get-Random -Count 16) -join "" $RandomPW