One thing that always appeals to me is the power of automation.  I took a Puppet course last year and really started to get more involved with a larger picture of things that I was automating on a much smaller scale via powershell and older versions of batch files I’d been comfortable with since the 90’s. I picked up a powershell course at Microsoft Ignite on Thursday night lead by

Recently went though a quick Atlassian Jira installation whiteboard. This whiteboard utilizes VM’s from VPSDime.

May 2015

Agile Stories

Ever gotten yourself into a pinch figuring out how to Split up AGILE stories. I came across this nifty gem not too long ago. Story-Splitting-Flowchart

May 2015

Microsoft Ignite

I’ll be at Microsoft Ignite next week in Chicago.    This will be one of the premier events to dive into Azure, Office 365 and many other Microsoft technologies. Personally, I have about 2 days left to get my schedule down to a primary and alternate session for each time slot.  

Apr 2015

Hello world!

So, pretty exciting day.  I’ve wanted to have a professional blog for some time and now’s just about as good a time as any to make that happen. Thankfully, spinning up filezilla and deleting the old pages and copying up WordPress goes rather quickly.   Now, there’s just some fragments left to clean up.  This will be one of those many week sort of projects to come.