Office365 Email Spam & Bulk Confidence Levels

Office365 can sometimes be a cryptic beast. Spam and bulk email confidence levels can be complex to understand completely.

This was the case with me. I had setup a partner organization connector with Salesforce. Awesome, I thought- they can send into my organization without spoofing my domain – and they’re trusted – so why would they hit spam.

Well as it turns out, Salesforce has a bulk email rating of 8 on a couple of their mail server IP’s. That means a lot of people have provided feedback that they send bulk email. What it means to my org, clicking test email in salesforce would result in 2 out of the 4 test emails being delivered to my inbox and the other 2 to junk. The end result is more work setting up an additional rule with the same IP’s on the partner org configuration in a spam rule to set the confidence level to -1 and allow email to flow.

The other thing learned is microsoft has a cool header tool to easily read spam and bulk details and after the rules are in place, depending on org size it can take upto 4 hours for the rule to start working correctly. In my current org with about 300 active mailboxes it took about 20 minutes to fully work.

Here’s the Office365 tool – it’s as simple as copy and paste to make it work.

1. Copy full header

2. Paste full header into site

3. Read the results

Hope this helps you figure out some spam 🙂

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