Atlassian Applications in Azure – Part 5, nGinx, Centrify, Linux hardening

So, you thought you were done with the environment. Oh no… not so fast.

We still have to setup some sort of SSL offload with nGinx or some other Azure function.

We still want to make a “Atlasssian Systems Administrators” Active Directory group, add a few admins to it and setup Centrify on the linux boxes to allow those admins to login.

We still have to harden the whole environment. Just doing a quick review of my blog posts. There’s a few obvious things to do with PostgreSQL out of the box. For instance, its allowing all users to attempt a connection – seems like we should just allow the user that needs to connect, to connect instead (confly, jiraly, crowdly).

So.. lets get started.

First, Centrify.

See Part 6 for Centrify.

Second, Security.

A great audit tool is Lynis –   Check this one out to learn more about your linux environment.

(more coming soon….)

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